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Repipe Orlando Services

Leaky Pipe

When and why should I repipe my home?

This is a great question for anyone contemplating an update to their plumbing, as there are many reasons behind a home’s need to be repiped.

For a repipe Orlando project, for starters, most of the home's original plumbing was done in galvanized piping. Galvanization was a process originally thought to prevent rusting. This, in fact, is not true. Galvanized pipes do eventually rust which may lead to corrosion and build-up inside the pipes. If you've noticed slow-filling appliances or less pressure while showering, corrosive build-up may be the issue.

Leaks are another potential reason for an Orlando repipe. Copper piping is susceptible to deterioration which may lead to pin-hole leaks in the plumbing line. Most leaks go unnoticed until there is noticeable water staining on surrounding walls or a questionable spike in your water bill.

Repiping is a great option for those old Orlando homes. With an expert like us, your repipe Orlando project will be taken care of.

Tile It Up & More will re-pipe your home’s hot and cold water lines with CPVC or PEX piping to all fixtures. All pipes will be insulated and all work will be permitted and inspected. Please ask us if you have any questions regarding your home's piping needs!


My house was in need of a repipe due to having old galvanized piping throughout my home. Tile It Up & More, LLC was able to complete my repipe with new CPVC piping. As a fully licensed and insured plumbing company, Tile It Up & More, LLC was able to permit this project with my local county and meet all local code requirements with no delays or problems. Tile It Up & More, LLC came in on time and budget keeping my house clean and in order. They were also able to make all necessary wall repairs to complete my project with only one contractor in my home. Tile It Up & More, LLC made the time frame for my repipe go smoothly and problem free.

-Tim Moor