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How to Clean Your Grout

Keeping your grout clean is an important part of tile maintenance. Not only can dirty grout be unsightly, but it can also be bad for the tile if the grout breaks due to poor maintenance. Have you ever wondered what the best way to clean your grout is? Look no further!

Before starting with any cleaning product, you’ll want to make sure that the floor is clean and that the area that you are going to focus on is clear. Sweep and mop to pick up any debris and particles that might be on the floor. Cleaning the area is important so that nothing is in your way as you clean the grout and that the floor is sanitized.

After you finish cleaning the area, you’ll want to wipe the grout with a wet cloth. You’ll need a stiff bristled brush like a toothbrush that can clean the small space. You can DIY a cleaning solution with equal parts vinegar and warm water. Put this solution into a spray bottle and begin to spray the stains in the grout. If you have more severe stains on your grout, you can also add baking soda and lemon juice to the mix.

Once the area that you are cleaning is covered with the vinegar solution, you’ll want to start scrubbing with the stiff bristled brush we discussed earlier. Repeating spraying and scrubbing until you get the desired result. We recommend that you clean your grout to keep it clean and fresh at least once a month. When you finish scrubbing make sure that all of the extra liquid gets wiped off of the floor and that the grout dries. And with that, you should have clean looking grout once again!