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How To: Trendsetting Bathroom Tile

Have you been thinking about getting rid of the current tile in your bathroom but you’re not so sure what you want to put in its place? Look no further because this article talks all about what trends are going on in bathroom tile and it will help you with trendsetting bathroom tile.

  • Graphic - Producing a pattern using different colors and shapes of tile can create an interesting and potentially colorful design in your bathroom. Pair this exciting design element with a monochromatic design in the rest of the bathroom to make the tile pop.
  • Marble - Marble is everywhere right now, and it should be in your bathroom as well. This elegant and simple design element will have all of your friends talking as your bathroom will be a centerpiece in your home. Bringing in some pops of color into an otherwise plain color scheme can kick it up a notch as well.
  • Pay Attention to the Details - With trendsetting bathroom tile, thinking about where the tile will end against the wall and paying attention to how different tile patterns on the same design fit near each other can make the difference in a small space like the bathroom. Think about how hardware looks paired with the tile and even how the grout will look with the options that you’re picking. There are a lot of details that can make a room better than it would be without the details.
  • It’s Not Always About the Shower - Using an interesting design on the floor of the bathroom can also pump up a room. Tile your shower in something more plain and use your creativity under your feet! Maybe some herringbone? Throw in some metallic tiles? Why not?
  • Play with Different Shades of the Same Color - Creating an ombre of sorts with several different shades of the same color can make the room interesting and never let the eye get bored. Using different shades creates a trendy water-color design that can calm the mind and create a spa-like feel.
  • There are endless possibilities with tile and design, but keeping things trendy and fresh will make your home seem more updated and modern, even if you’re going for a vintage feel. With trendsetting bathroom tile, don’t be afraid to get creative. Add color, texture and make your space a reflection of yourself. Interesting design elements are conversation starters, weekend projects and investments all at the same time.