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Clogged Toilet

A clogged toilet is something no one wants to talk about or deal with, especially if it’s not your clogged toilet. When a toilet clogs, it means that something has been lodged in the bottom half of the toilet to where it can’t come loose through the piping. There are many reasons toilets clog up. Sometimes it’s an accident, but others, it’s unfortunately on purpose.

One thing to remember in preventing a clogged toilet is not to put anything down the toilet that doesn’t belong. Here’s a story:

A plumber was called by the landlord to come to the rental property to help the tenant with a clogged toilet. The plumber got there and took out his snaking tool. A snake, is a plumber device used to get into things that are too deep or too small to reach into (like a pipe). The snake acts like “long arm” in a sense to push or pull anything out of the trapped pipe. The plumber put the snake into the toilet and started pushing until finally the toilet was unclogged. Now, if you can imagine, plumbers come across many things. In this instance, the plumber pulled out grapes, yes, grapes. The grape stems were preventing anything from going past them, therefore clogging the toilet.

The number one issue with people clogging their toilets is using things that they shouldn’t or putting things that they shouldn’t into the toilet. There are a couple of things to help you if your toilet should become clogged:

Keep the toilet from overflowing. If your toilet doesn’t drain well after one flush, don’t flush it again. If you do this, it could cause overflowing. Use a high-quality plunger. Your plunger should be a high-quality one. One with just one circular rubber piece isn’t considered high-quality and can often not even work.

If the obstruction is within sight, you may be able to reach into the bowl of the toilet and grab it. This instance could be a child’s toy lodged within the pipe that attaches to the toilet bowl. If it’s toilet paper, a high-quality plunger may be needed.

After you’ve used the plunger or used your hand to get the obstruction, only then flush the toilet. You can use newspaper or towels to ensure that the water is soaked up. It will also help with the clean up.

Toilets can be tricky, and a clogged toilet is something no one wants to deal with. If your clogged toilet isn’t becoming unclogged easily, it may be time to call a plumber. A licensed plumber will know how to deal with the issue of the toilet and can help with a solution. Remember, though, plumbers don’t only help with clogged toilets. They also help with showers, kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks and leaks. If you do have a clogged toilet or any other leaking within your home, call a licensed professional.